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You’re a busy mother, sister, daughter & partner, but most of all you’re a woman that deserves to be pampered and look stunning.

Welcome to our professional mobile eyelash extensions service where you can relax in the comfort of your own home or business setting.

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  • Are you lacking those sultry lashes you’ve been dreaming about?
  • Or perhaps gravitate towards the more elegant, classic, silk looking eyelashes?
  • Maybe even want to recreate that Mega Volume of all the Hollywood stars?


We provide eyelash extension services to Logan, Brisbane & the Gold Coast areas. Our aim is to provide you with the best eyelash technicians available in your area.

With the advancement of beauty technology, the cosmetics industry is paying more and more attention to detail development, achieved through newly created tools which allow stunning results. Makeup is the basis of beauty development, with people using eyeliner, eye shadow and layer after layer of mascara to achieve this enhancement, but unfortunately this hard work all goes away once you get in the shower. As our technology has become more sophisticated, the long-term makeover achieved by eyelash extensions seems to be a must-have for every woman!

If you want to jump into this amazing advancement and rock those gorgeous doll-like lashes, eyelash extensions are the way to go, but what does this actually mean? The process of receiving lash extensions involves the technician individually sticking each false lash 0.1mm above the root on your true eyelashes. In general, these eyelashes will last approximately four to six weeks until the normal lash cycle takes over. As these true lashes grow forward, the grafted false eyelashes will become insufficiently supported, or the black glue becomes unstuck which results in them falling out. This is a good thing! It means the extensions will not hinder the growth of your true lashes.

However, if you tend to have irregular lash growth, extreme eye sensitivity and irritation, it is not recommended to proceed with eyelash extensions. If you have previously had a bad experience with eyelash extensions, leaving them thin or damaged, we ask that you first rest your lashes before getting extensions, so we can confirm that they are healthy!

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